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Streamlining Trial Preparation: Document Scanning & Document Technology

Preparing for trial extends far beyond crafting legal arguments; it necessitates the meticulous organization and management of evidence and exhibits. Discover how Capitol Support’s comprehensive trial preparation services redefine this process, ensuring seamless readiness for the courtroom.

Recognizing the paramount importance of a well-organized arsenal of evidence, Capitol Support goes above and beyond. Our exhibit scanning services meticulously digitize all documents with precision, providing uniform titles for easy accessibility during review and presentation. The application of OCR ensures that firms have searchable data at their fingertips, enhancing the swift location of key information.

Whether exhibits are scanned or electronically provided, Capitol Support goes the extra mile. Each exhibit undergoes a thorough review, with resizing and adjustments tailored for optimal review and impactful presentation.

We envision the information on our screens potentially becoming the focal point for a jury someday.

With over 30 years of expertise in document imaging and document technology, we possess the knowledge, tools, and proficiency to organize, label and identify documents with precision. Our Bates Labeling process, Coding and Stamping uniquely identifies every document in your database, fostering clarity and ensuring everyone is consistently on the same page. Literally and figuratively.

Capitol Support doesn’t stop there; we offer media duplication services, video services, and media and file conversions, further streamlining the trial preparation process. Our commitment extends to conforming with formatting specifications for court submissions and ensuring requested copy quantities are met.

From the initial stages of preparation to the impactful moments of presentation, our comprehensive services are seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Allow Capitol Support to be a valuable extension of your team, enhancing your trial preparation experience.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss Video Evidence; Synchronization and Editing.

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