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Architectural & Engineering Print & Scan Services Page IconArchitectural & Engineering Print & Scan Services

Providing Print & Scan Services tailored to fit the needs of Architects and Engineers.  Offering ideal solutions for blueprints, maps, posters, GIS drawings, spec books and more.

Blueprints & Posters

Engineered for speed, quality and precision, our Plotters and IPFs are the ideal solution for printing complex full‐color or B&W renderings, blueprints, drawings, event posters, photographs and documents. We utilize the most advanced scanning technologies to reproduce hard copy documents, and a host of software applications to print from digital file. Get results with exceptional line accuracy, high resolution, with clear and crisp content.

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Digital Blueprinting

  • Copy – Print – Scan
  • Architectural / Engineering & Custom Sizes
  • Enlargements & Reductions
  • High-Resolution Scan to File [up to 600dpi]
  • Binding Available
  • 20#, 24#, 35# Bond

Large Format Poster Printing

  • Photographs, Event Signage, Informational Posters, and more
  • Enlargements & Reductions
  • Print up to 42″ x 72″
  • Full Color & B&W Printing
  • Foam Core Mounting Available
  • Bond – Gloss – Satin

Graphic Services

Our goal is to meet the various needs of our customers and clients, by transforming ideas, visions, and files into high-quality prints & digital media. We will use our expertise of digital print & software applications to assist clients with file & graphic setup, page layout, overall design, and final production. Our team will offer recommendations for paper types, paperweights, finishing & binding options, all the way through to the final presentation.

From the first draft to print-ready files, our team of graphic specialists is ready to assist with your next project.

Print Services

From forms and documents, spec books and reports, to posters and post cards, we have the print solution for you!   Digital print saves time and expense, without sacrificing productivity and quality.

  • Spec Books
  • Reports
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Marketing Material
  • Business Proposals
  • Flyers, menus & more

Document Scanning and Archiving

Convert paper documents into electronic data and preserve valuable information for years to come. High speed scanning technology captures high resolution document images with OCR text and file compression.

  • Archive aged material and historically important documents and plans
  • Electronically store old case files, internal business documents, tax information and personnel files
  • Scan as PDF/A 1a & 1b Compliant Files
  • Convert boxes of paper files into search-able directories of information

Data Delivery [CD, DVD, USB, Web]

In today’s Business World, important data is saved & transferred electronically, therefore duplicating & converting media is often a necessity in an office environment. File distribution, file transferring, file archiving.

  • Data to CD, DVD and Flash-Drive
  • CD & DVD Duplication
  • Flash Drive Duplication
  • VHS to DVD
  • Audio Cassette & Mini-Cassette to CD
  • Secure & Encrypted Web File Transfer

File Compression

In the age of big data, storing and transferring electronic information is more important than ever! Ftp upload limits, storage capacity limits, client transfer limits, etc., can all become obstacles in daily workflow, but there are steps we can take to reduce the size of our data. There are many methods of file compression, but few can operate quickly and on a large scale.