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Comprehensive Litigation and Trial Support Services. Helping Law Firms, Attorneys and Paralegals from case preparation to evidence and trial presentation.

What Our Clients are Saying…

“We would be lost without Capitol so many times. You offer the complete package. There is nothing you can’t do to make our lives easier to get OUR work product out the door. You obviously had a great vision and the wherewithal to make it happen. Your team is beyond reproach. Everybody from the people who answer the phone, the delivery people, the technology people … everyone. Bea, Hicham, Josh, Brian (I would mention all of their names, but I don’t know them) – ALL keepers!! Hicham is a true champ at what he does and is always courteous and quick to respond, as is everybody else.”

-Deb Koons, Stevens & Lee

Trial Technology & Presentation

Technology-based Trial Presentations are becoming standard inside of our Courtrooms, with electronic evidence and a technology‐driven society, comes the need for electronic presentations.

  • Attorneys focus on the facts, not operating technology
  • Gain the support of experienced trial technicians
  • Cutting edge litigation technology at your fingertips
  • Effective presentation of exhibits and evidence
  • Enlarge, dissect, call-out, highlight, annotate…on-the-fly
  • Gain control of video testimony and content clips
Equipment - Trial Prep - Exhibit Boards

Courtroom AV Equipment

  • Projection Systems
  • Large Display Screens
  • Judge & Witness Monitors
  • Plaintiff & Defense Monitors
  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Digital Document Cameras
  • On-Site Printer & Scanner
  • Cameras & Mics (Zoom connection)

Trial Preparation Services

  • Exhibit Scanning
  • Document Imaging
  • Bates Labeling & Coding
  • Exhibit Binder Printing
  • Trial Database Management
  • Video Deposition Synch
  • Video Clipping & Segmenting
  • Radiology Image Extraction
  • Media Duplication

Demonstratives & Trial Exhibit Boards

Photographs and documents are enlarged in high resolution, with crisp text and absolute color reproduction. Mount on foam core for stability in the courtroom.

Standard Trial Board Sizes:

  • 18″x24″
  • 24″x36″
  • 36″x48″

*Custom sizes available

Document Scanning

Converting paper documents into electronic data yields great benefits. Electronic data is organized and manageable, helping businesses operate at high levels of productivity and efficiency.

Scanning Services:

  • Archiving and Storage
  • Backfile Conversion
  • Document Review and File Management – Live Case Work
  • File & Document Reproduction
  • Load File Preparation
  • Closing Binders & eFiles
  • Exhibit Display and Evidence Collection
  • Litigation Project Blowbacks
  • X-Ray Scanning

Document Technology

Supporting law firms and businesses with the technologies to keep documents and files organized and manageable.

  • File Format Conversions
  • File Compression
  • Bates Labeling & Pagination
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Bookmarking & Indexing
  • File Imposition
  • Data Transfer
  • Electronic Distribution

Copy & Print

The production of paper documents remains a large part of our advanced business world, thus we continue to invest in work-flow advancements that assist us with fast and accurate image reproduction.

Legal Copy, Document Productions, Project Blow Backs, Exhibit Binders, Records and Briefs, Case Files, and much more.

Legal Binding

  • Velo
  • Coil
  • Spiral / GBC
  • 3 Ring Binders
  • Acco Bind

eDiscovery Services

Emails and other ESI identified and collected during discovery need to be efficiently managed for a thorough review process, resulting in effective and compliant productions.

eDiscovery Services:

  • eDiscovery Processing
  • Behind Firewall Administration
  • Native Data Extraction
  • Load File Creation
  • File Conversion
  • PDF Compression
  • OCR

On Site Scanning and Retrieval

When confidential documents are restricted and cannot leave their stored location, we have developed an On‐Site Scanning Service. Imaging Professionals travel to the documents equipped with a computer and a high speed scanner, and secure the specified material.

Upon completion, documents are delivered in hard copy format and/or electronically, per the client’s request.

Document Retrieval Services are available for public records archived in Government Agencies, Court Prothonotary Offices and other Court Related Departments.

Our Court Filing and Legal Courier Service is PUC licensed, and operates at the highest level of professionalism. We have knowledge of all court filing procedures and travel locally and long distances. Upon completion of your filing or delivery, you will receive a phone call as well as an e‐mail containing proof of delivery. We offer competitive prices and guarantee document security.

To serve you better we also offer mobile notary services. See Mobile Notary for more details.

Mobile Notary

Data Delivery [CD, DVD, USB, Web]

In the modern Law Firm and Business environment, managing, transferring and converting media is often a necessity when specific data is required.

  • Data to CD, DVD and Flash-Drive
  • CD & DVD Duplication
  • Flash Drive Duplication
  • VHS to DVD
  • Video Format Conversion & Editing
  • Audio Cassette & Mini-Cassette to MP3 & CD
  • Secure & Encrypted Web File Transfer