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Service Spotlight – Trial Support Services

Trial Support & Presentation Services

Capitol Support Service has been working with litigation clients for many years providing in person trial support services. Our litigation support staff is highly trained and qualified to help you with any project. We work with you to prepare and present your exhibits during your trial or hearing.

Exhibit Presentation

Our trial support technicians work directly with attorneys and paralegals to help prepare and present evidence during civil and criminal trials. Our presentation services are driven by Trial Director and other Trial Based Software, cutting-edge programs taking the place of the traditional trial demonstratives. Trial Director allows attorneys to work with a Capitol Support Service technician in real time, during the trial for a more in depth and detailed presentation. Our technician will handle all of the technological portions of the presentation so you can stay focused on the facts of your case.

Our technicians handle the set up and tear down of all the equipment required for trial. This can include:

Technology Based Trial Services

Exhibit Labeling and Coding

When organizing trial exhibits for presentation, having unique identifiers on each page of every exhibit is critical. Our team works directly with Lawyers and Paralegals to determine the best labeling profiles to assign to every file, giving us the ability to locate any given record at any given time.

Trial Database Management:

Often when preparing for trial there are hundreds of exhibits of varying types, document exhibits, multi-media exhibits, demonstrative exhibits, and video testimony. Building and managing a trial database allows our team to keep all trial material in one program, always accessible and ready to be presented to the court.

Video Deposition Synchronization:

One of the major challenges with Video Testimony is having the ability to remove objections and stricken testimony quickly and efficiently.Having your video deposition synchronized with the written record allows our technicians to make precise edits on-the-fly.

Each of the above services can be combined with our in-person trial support to create a cohesive trial presentation.

Judges appreciate the addition of technology in trial proceedings. A local County Judge had this to say, “The Court is continually impressed by the development of technology, and the skills that I saw in the use of technology in this courtroom this week have far surpassed what I’ve seen previously. And I was very impressed by the other audiovisual presentation.”

Capitol Support Service is here to help you with anything your firm might need before, during, and after trial. Contact us today for more information.