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Service Spotlight – Direct Mail

Direct Mail Options to Help You Reach More Customers…And Why they Work!

A lot of marketers and businesses feel that Direct Mail campaigns are obsolete. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Direct Mail gets your brand physically in the hands of your audience with eye catching graphics and offers. The more the creative you get, the more effective the piece is. Incorporate QR codes and coupons for tracking information to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Reasons Direct Mail Campaigns Are Still a Viable Option:

  1. Higher Return-On-Investment than standard advertising.
  2. More likely read or skimmed than traditional print ads and increases brand awareness.
  3. It is less common which means less competition in the mailbox.
  4. Physical products allow for more creativity.
  5. Direct Mail has a larger appeal to every age group.
  6. Easily targetable to specific audiences at specific times.
  7. When paired with a digital campaign, return-on-investment is increased.
  8. Direct Mail is multi-sensory allowing the customer to see, feel, hear, and smell your product.
  9. Direct mail is tangible, when your customer holds your advertisement in their hands, they are more likely to keep the piece.


Yes, they’re small. But – these are different from other Direct Mail pieces going into a mailbox every day. Bookmarks work because they cost less which means getting more for your budget. They’re more likely to be kept in the customer’s home. Bookmarks are useful, not just another ad, so consumers are more likely to appreciate and keep the item.

Postcard (of all sizes)

Postcards are the most effective form of Direct Mail. More than half of Direct Mail pieces get read by the recipient. They are great for creating a dynamic visual component while offering clear and concise information. They’re easier to design than something more complicated like a tri-fold brochure with the same level of effectiveness.

Self-Mailer (Tri-Fold, Folded)

Self-mail pieces are those that don’t require an envelope, but they’re more than a simple post card. These can be tri-fold brochure style, folded in half, or get creative and fold and seal in a multitude of ways. This option can be a less expensive option than sending a piece in an envelope. Self-mailers are very effective when informing the public of events, sales, and coupons. Convey your message with eye catching graphics, images, and shorter blocks of text.

Custom Envelopes

Consistency is key when it comes to capturing your customers’ attention. Placing your logo wherever you can, whenever you can helps build a high level of consistency and forces your audience to remember you. Having custom envelopes as part of your regular mailing and direct mail campaigns establishes your presence. Your customers will see your logo on the envelope, on the papers inside, and on any online locations. There’s also a high level of transparency with custom envelopes because you audience will automatically know who the piece is from.

Greeting Cards

Sending greeting cards to clients is still beneficial even in this digital age. Cards are personalized and help to build relationships between you and your clients. Cards create emotion for those who receive them unexpectedly. Add more personal touches by hand writing your messages inside to strengthen relationships with the audience.


Having a menu mailing campaign is an effective way to attract traffic to your restaurant. Sending the menus ahead of a customer’s visit keeps your brand at the top of their mind. Don’t stick to the standard tri fold menu option. Choose different folded options to create a more dynamic, eye catching design. Add in an offer or coupons to increase the staying power of the piece.


Flyers are a straightforward way to get your information out quickly to your audience. The paper is lightweight and therefore costs less in postage. Pair your flyer with a custom envelope for an extra level of effectiveness in your campaign.

Event Calendars

Does your company have multiple events coming up? Are you a food truck with more than one neighborhood event in the next few months? Give the public an at-a-glance calendar so they know when you will be where. Send to whole neighborhoods, or just your loyal followers to make a bigger, more memorable impact. Include a coupon or special offer for even more impact.

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