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Our Brand, Our Services and Our Commitment to You

Our Brand:

In 1993, Bruce Berkley introduced Capitol Copy Service to the world as a professional copy and print company servicing local businesses and law firms. The devotion to unparalleled customer service allowed us to grow and officially changed our name to Capitol Support Service in 2015 when we became a standout leader in litigation and professional support. Capitol Support Service has an exploding portfolio of services to offer to all businesses in all industries.

Capitol Support Service is a company dedicated to providing high quality printed products, fast and accurate reprographics and comprehensive support services. We work with attorneys and law firms to provide litigation support through a myriad of services, spanning across multiple disciplines including eDiscovery, and trial support. Additionally, we provide professional support services to all industries working with architects and engineers, designers and more.

Our goal is to provide the client with multi-leveled support, with every effort to make their job easier and more convenient.

The staff at Capitol Support Service includes litigation support specialists, trial technicians, couriers, graphic designers, imaging technicians and administrative personnel all working with the common goal of providing excellence in our products and services.

But what is Capitol Support Service? What exactly do we do?

Our Services:

A compiled list of all our services is at the bottom of this post.

Litigation Support:

Capitol Support Service is a full-service litigation support network operating out of one business. Our trial support technicians work directly with attorneys and paralegals to help prepare and present evidence during civil and criminal trials. Our presentation services are driven by Trial Director, a cutting-edge program taking the place of the traditional trial demonstrative. Trial Director allows attorneys to work with the technician in real time during the trial for a more in depth and detailed presentation. Our trial support services come with the necessary equipment to make a digital presentation part of the courtroom. We provide high lumen projection systems, multi-point monitor displays for everyone in the courtroom, digital document cameras, portable Smart Boards for interactive testimony, onsite printing and scanning.

Other technology-based trial services include trial database management, video deposition synchronization, video clipping and segmenting. The benefit of having a Capitol Support Service technician in the courtroom allows the attorney to focus on the argument at hand while the technician provides the visual backdrop of evidence, testimony, transcripts and video. We pride ourselves on being discrete and professional in and out of the courtroom.

eDiscovery technology is a set of services which assist attorneys in making document review easier and more efficient. During discovery, attorneys will receive hundreds or sometimes thousands of documents pertaining to their case. Often, we find, these documents, emails, attachments, photos and videos are too much for the law office to sort through in a timely fashion. This is where eDiscovery technology comes in. Our eDiscovery specialists receive your mountain of files and direct software to sort the documents by type, weed out repeat files, extract attachments and transfer everything into a universally readable document format.

In addition to our litigation technology support, Capitol Support Service is equipped to provide more traditional services to meet the needs of everyday workflow within a law firm. Services include document scanning, bates labeling and coding, legal copy and print, exhibit binders and notebooks, trial graphics, and CD, DVD and flash drive duplication. We also have the capability for radiology image extraction and x-ray scanning for trial graphics and evidence.

Professional Support:

Our professional support services can be applied to any line of business. We provide graphic services to bring your ideas to life in print. We offer a full suite of printing capabilities to include brochures, newsletters, and postcards. Binding and finishing options are available in house to create booklets, notebooks and pamphlets. Posters and signage are popular among all businesses and are available in all sizes and on various media. Our digital printers produce high quality prints for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Document archiving, conversion and compression can greatly benefit businesses by converting paper records to digital data, as well as cutting down physical storage. We can write files to external media and convert obsolete media to modern options.

Our mobile notary service is available to assist anyone in getting items notarized onsite in a limited time.

Architectural and Engineering Support:

Architects and Engineers look no further than Capitol Support Service for your large document printing and scanning. We are equipped with high quality, precise plotters and IPFs to produce complex full-color (or black and white) renderings, blueprints, color map and color line drawings. We offer custom sizes and binding for all projects.

Courier Service:

Capitol Support Service is dedicated to our high level of customer care. We provide a PUC Licensed and Bonded Courier Service designed to provide our customers with convenience. Our pickup and delivery services are available for all our clients.

Need to file documents? We can do that.

Do you have a large job you need delivered in a pinch? We can do that.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what Capitol Support Service is willing to do for its customers. We have a devotion to our clients and want to make them as successful as possible. We will meet your tight timelines while providing you with the highest quality product.

Our Commitment to You:

At Capitol Support Service we are committed to our customers. We believe a satisfied clientele is the cornerstone of a successful business. Throughout your experience with Capitol Support Service you will encounter helpful and energetic staff who are dedicated to providing you with the best quality product in a timely fashion. Our goal will always be to provide the client with multi-leveled support, with every effort to make their job easier and more convenient.

Service List:

Trial Support Services


Litigation Support Services

Professional Support Services

Architectural & Engineering Support