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Assisting PA Court with Virtual Hearing Amid COVID-19

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania– Thursday, October 22nd and Friday, October 23rd, amid COVID-19 safety restrictions, Capitol Support Service provided and managed technology to host a virtual hearing and provide public access through video connection, at the Dauphin County Orphans’ Court. In our current state, there is an inherent need for supportive technology to maintain court schedules, while keeping the public, and those involved in trials, safe. Capitol Support Service is the only Harrisburg based business providing technical services to courtrooms and attorneys for virtual trials and remote witness testimony.

During this hearing, the Judge, court crier, stenographer, attorneys and Capitol Support technicians were present in the courtroom. 11 witnesses testified remotely from various locations. Two camera feeds were available to view the Judge and attorneys throughout the hearing. Witnesses appeared on video when they were called to testify. Public access was provided by a view-and-listen only video connection, as if they were sitting in the courtroom.

Remote witness testimony and virtual hearings and trials will become more prevalent as we proceed through this pandemic. These technological advancements allow trials and hearings to continue as scheduled if courts and attorneys embrace it.